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Sports Media Challenge

SMC is a reputation management company and social media consulting firm that has been challenging our clients to think brave and do brave since 1985.

SMC builds a powerful presence for teams, organizations and individuals through social media, media + communication coaching and crisis management.

Challenge No. 1

Think brave.

Challenge No. 2

Target strategically.

Challenge No. 3

Engage often.

Challenge No. 4

Collaborate effectively.

Challenge No. 5

Be open to possibilities.

Challenge No. 6

Dig for insights.

Challenge No. 7

One. Step. Further.

Challenge No. 8

Connect the dots.

Challenge No. 9

Listen deeply.

Challenge No. 10

Determine the valuable and valued.

Challenge No. 11

Remember the Big Picture.


Brand Coaching

An intentional and authentic personal brand will build your credibility, showcase your uniqueness, and help you make your mark. Distinguish yourself from the competition, no matter what field with confidence, clarity, and execution whether you’re an emerging star or global celebrity.

Social Media Management

Your social media presence is crucial to fulfilling your brand and business goals. It starts with well-honed and innovative strategy, realistic planning and focused execution. Our innovation, proven insights, near real-time data and expertise can take your brand to new heights. Need strategic direction, turn-key community management, social advertising, influencer campaigns, or original content creation? SMChallenge has your back.

Crisis Management

The right preparations can help your organization avoid a crisis. The right communication during a crisis can make your organization stronger than ever. We can help you and your organization adequately prepare for possibilities or gain support in the midst of a storm. Our training, consulting and experience will give you the tools necessary to adapt and communicate in the best light. Our experience initiating, developing and enhancing Crisis Management Teams will help guide you and your team through any and all stages of a crisis.

Public Speaking

Win over the crowd and motivate people with your ideas, relevancy and passion. A combination of the right words and dynamic delivery together separate you from the pack. Learn how to tell stories be heard, listened to, understood and remembered. And don’t forget preparing for the tough Q&A.

Social Listening

As the amount of social content grows, we can help you listen deeply, learn and act with real time data and customized reports. We monitor millions of online interactions to gather insights, inform strategy, adjust planning, and make decisions crucial to you and your brand when you need it most.

Content Creation

Micro videos, GIFS, memes are not only the rage, they’re also vital to engaging young and old. We create high impact, short-form content to elevate your brand in the never ending sea of social material. From Snapchat to Facebook, Vine, Instagram and all the newest trends that is just one download away, we can develop content and enlist social influencers to reach your intended audience and grow your brand.

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